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Co-Founder Kevin Schneider at the Helm

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Ludus' passion for the arts goes beyond the spotlight. We're thrilled to announce our Community Initiatives Department, dedicated to giving back to the performing arts community we cherish. Leading this department is Co-Founder Kevin Schneider, a professional with over three decades of experience in acting, directing, and theater education.

At Ludus, we're passionate about the performing arts, believing in their power to unite, inspire, and uplift communities. We're thrilled to introduce our Community Initiatives Department, led by our Co-Founder, Kevin Schneider, a seasoned actor, director, and educator with 30+ years of experience. Kevin's dedication to the arts includes being an award-winning director and currently serving as President of Michigan's state speech and theatre organization, M.I.F.A.
Co-founder leads Ludus community initiatives
From the beginning, our mission has been to support the performing arts community. Now, with the Community Initiatives Department, Kevin's vision aligns perfectly with our values. His love for theatre and education drives his commitment to giving back to the community, that's enriched his journey.

The Ludus Community Initiative embodies our commitment to social responsibility and community involvement. Through authentic and impactful initiatives, we aim to connect and contribute to the vibrant performing arts world.

Join us in celebrating the arts' positive influence on our lives. Under Kevin Schneider's guidance, Ludus Community Initiatives will make a difference in the performing arts and beyond. Stay tuned for updates on our community projects as we continue nurturing the arts and spreading joy through our shared love for theatre.

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