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The Ludus Partnership Program is a dynamic collaboration aimed at strengthening the performing arts community, beginning with state and national organizations that already make significant contributions to the arts. By joining this program, these organizations can reap financial benefits such as increased sponsorships, revenue-sharing opportunities, and access to a powerful ticketing and event management platform.

Ludus believes in giving back to the arts community. Through our Partnership Program, we commit to contributing a significant portion of our proceeds to support arts education and community initiatives. We recognize these organizations' vital role in nurturing talent and fostering a deep appreciation for the performing arts.

Moreover, Ludus extends its support by providing the organizations and their members with the tools and resources they need to excel in their mission. Our platform empowers them to streamline ticketing, marketing, fundraising, collections and registrations, classes, and streaming, allowing them to allocate more resources to their artistic endeavors.

In essence, the Ludus Partnership Program is a mutual alliance that offers financial benefits and reinforces Ludus' commitment to the performing arts. We aim to strengthen the community, celebrate its achievements, and ensure that the arts continue to thrive and inspire for years to com

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