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Ticketing: The best ticketing solution for Venues
Managing the ticketing for your venue’s performing arts events can be a complex task. That's why we've designed a seamless, hassle-free event ticketing platform.  Gain increased sales by providing an intuitive purchasing experience that allows your patrons to secure their tickets with just a few clicks. You can also build ticket orders and send invoices to recipients to pay later, either online or in person. With Ludus, you get a 100% free online ticket system that is accessible anytime, anywhere.
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Marketing: Stay in touch with your patrons
Craft compelling narratives and showcase your venue’s performances to a broader audience. Our integrated Marketing platform equips you with the tools to spark curiosity, fuel excitement, and amplify your reach while increasing revenue! Our branding tools provide the flexibility to personalize your ticket-buying pages, tickets, and emails by adjusting banner colors, adding logos, and customizing emails to match your program.
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Collections: Collect Payments of any kind
Ludus Collections is a feature that simplifies and streamlines the management of venue rental fees, deposits, sponsorships, and payments, making it easy for organizations to handle the financial aspects of their events and programs efficiently. You can also collect all the information you need from payers by creating a custom form and attaching it to your Collection.
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Reporting: Real-time Reporting
Ludus offers real-time reporting, allowing universities to monitor ticket sales, track revenue, run detailed reports, and gain valuable insights into audience demographics and trends. A complete data-driven approach enables informed decision-making and helps optimize marketing efforts and sell more tickets!
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webflow tools refokus autotabs
webflow tools refokus autotabs
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Personalized, blazing-fast support

Ludus is dedicated to live events — many of our team members are actively involved in the performing arts. There is always a human there for you when it matters, whether while setting up your account or 10 minutes before curtain—contact via live chat (average response time under 3 minutes), phone, or email. Need training? Our intuitive system simplifies training for your box office staff, ensuring a quick and easy learning curve. Plus, we offer personalized demos and training sessions to help you configure Ludus precisely how you envision and give your team the tools they need for success.

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Payments You Can Trust

At Ludus, we prioritize patron privacy and security. We've partnered with a top-level provider of secure online payment collection services that comply with PCI level 1 standards, ensuring your patrons' information remains fully protected. Additionally, Ludus offers the flexibility to designate multiple payout recipients, perfect for instances when you have multiple events, each requiring a different recipient for payouts.

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All-In-One Solution

Ludus is your all-in-one solution for taking complete control of your performing arts department. Our comprehensive system eliminates the need to string together multiple systems to meet your needs. Manage your ticketing, fundraising, marketing, form uploads, fee collections, event registrations, and so much more - all in one convenient place.

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Frictionless Management

Go live in minutes! We've built our system to minimize frustrations, eliminate repetitive steps, and simplify complex workarounds. We've made complicated processes like exchanges, refunds, and ticket transfers effortless. Ludus incorporates time-saving automation tools, precisely scheduling event sales, triggering pricing adjustments, and automating messaging throughout the entire process. You can lighten your load by bringing in more admins through our access control and permission management system.

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Classes & Workshops

Use Ludus to incorporate your class and workshop registrations and payments. Best of all, use our profile features to save the information you need, such as age, allergies, photo permission, emergency contacts, and so much more — all customizable by you through a fully flexible system. Keep all information in one place.

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There's a reason 2,000+ organizations throughout the U.S. — including K-12, colleges, community/regional theaters, and performing arts centers — trust Ludus.
Storm Z.
Department Chair/Choir Director
Capterra Review

“In terms of actual features that were game changers for our performing arts department: ability to create your own venue map, online reservations and payment, variable priced seating, ability to pass on credit card fees to patrons or to absorb them, dynamic social distancing options, ability to track sales and proceeds easily, fast/accurate payment, and a culture of continuous improvement."

Amy J.
Capterra Review

“Exceptional. Customer service is always on top of things and extremely helpful. The team is always working to stay current with the needs of the times we are living in - for example, developing a way to socially distance seats as tickets sell. Overall, I have consistently been impressed with this product, team, and innovation. Not once have I ever thought twice about using Ludus.”

Ken S.
Odessa, TX
Permian High School

“I know I've said this in the past, but I just have to say it again....Ludus is incredible. Thank you for creating such a user-friendly and professional-looking/operating system. I love it. It's a lot of fun to use!”

Kylie S.
Capterra Review

“We are a small rural school district. We can't afford super expensive ticketing systems. Ludus's user experience is unmatched and provides top-notch services for the least amount of monetary investment possible.”

Ashley B.
Portage, MI
Portage Central Theatre

“My experience with Ludus has been top notch. My staff and I have found that it offers much more flexibility and ease of use in comparison to our previous program. Additionally, customer service is fast and friendly.”

Chris C.
Auditorium Manager
Capterra Review

“One of the main reasons we went with Ludus was customer support. I checked into the company and their reputation before we went with their package and I could not be happier. The Ludus support team is quick to answer questions and solve problems.”

Ken A.
Hermantown, MN
Hermantown High School

“It feels as though Ludus has been part of rehearsals and has made sure opening night goes smoothly. They operate the way every company should, by standing behind their product and supporting their customers.”

Josh H.
Capterra Review

“Ludus is an intuitive product that is easy to learn and implement. They are forward thinking and always finding new ways to improve, even in a global pandemic. On top of it all, their customer service is second to none. I would strongly recommend Ludus to any school or arts organization.”

Trent K.
Theatre Director
Capterra Review

“I have been blown away by the quality of the work. The customer service is out of this world. Most questions are answered within just a few minutes and all of my issues have been handled professionally and expediently.”

Kristin M.
Kalamazoo, MI
MCC Overbrook Theater

“I am so blown away at the customer service. That kind of support in addition to a free program is hard to come by! This has made a world of difference in making my life easier as the box office manager. So glad to have found you!”

Kate V.
Registrar/Office Manager
Mountain Top Music Center

“We had extensive demos from both Ludus and Vendini (now AudienceView), and were impressed with the flexibility and responsiveness of the Ludus system and their willingness to listen to and respond to our questions.”

Megan S.
Capterra Review

“AMAZING! The people who helped with all my questions were fabulous, it was SUPER easy to use and set up and sell tickets online. If it wasn't for Ludus, we wouldn't have had a drama season in the spring of '21 because we weren't allowed to sell tickets in person at our school. I would use them again in a heartbeat!”

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The best way to sell tickets online and in person. Meet your patrons where they are with fast and flexible ticketing.

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Stay in touch with your patrons through beautiful emails and targeted audiences.

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Go beyond ticketing. Start collecting payments and registrations for anything.

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Collect one-off and recurring donations, launch Fundraising pages, automate thank you's, & more.

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Turn your patrons into lifelong members with deeply customized memberships and passes.

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Collect student registrations seamlessly with our tailor-made class management system.

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Volunteer Management

Engage your community and save time through easy online volunteer sign ups and hour tracking.

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Broadcast live streams, pre-recorded videos, and other linkable events all within one platform.

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Use meaningful, real-time reports to understand sales and grow your organization.

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