Sell and manage your season and flex passes

Exceptional. Customer service is always on top of things and extremely helpful. The team is always working to stay current with the needs of the times we are living in - for example, developing a way to socially distance seats as tickets sell. Overall, I have consistently been impressed with this product, team, and innovation. Not once have I ever thought twice about using Ludus.
Amy J. (Teacher/Director)
Capterra Review

Flex, Season Tickets, & Memberships Made Easy

Give Your Patrons a Season To Remember

Your patrons have the ability to purchase their passes/memberships online all by themselves — no need to call over the phone, mail in an order form, or come in person. Using your Ludus page, patrons can quickly become members and receive a code they can use throughout the season (flex passes & memberships) or get your season's tickets at once.


Flex Passes

Each pass holder receives a code they can use throughout the season for X number of tickets. You set the price, specific ticket types the pass is eligible for, and your patrons do the rest.

Season Passes

More alike to a typical season ticket or pass, your pass holders preselect their tickets for the entire season up front. They'll have all of their tickets ready to go for every event.


Create a unique experience for your patrons that'll unlock perks so they keep coming back season-after-season. Set up one time or recurring membership payments (monthly or annually).


For flex passes, enable special perks such as "Early access to events in the season" and unlocking special pricing or discounts. This gives a special experience to your pass holders and encourages people to buy early.

Flat or Discount Pricing

When it comes to pricing your passes, you can either do a one-time or recurring flat price or you can do discount pricing which charges patrons for all the tickets they select up front but at a discounted rate.


Each flex or season pass can be customized with limits such as "Total tickets per pass", "Total events per pass", "Total tickets per event", and more. This gives you control on how your pass holders use their passes.

Pass Holder Only Events

Set specific events or event times to private and allow only those with a flex or season pass to access. This allows you to put on exclusive member-only events.

Collect Custom Information

Using our drag-and-drop Forms feature, gather all the information you need from your patrons. Set form requirements before an order can be placed and see all form submissions in one report.

On Sale Dates

Passes can be set to go on sale between set dates. Once the date is past, passes can no longer be sold online. You always have the option of generating passes via your Ludus admin panel regardless.

Security Compliance

Ludus is fully PCI compliant, undergoing annual security reviews and running quarterly ASV scans while utilizing a Level 1 payment processor to ensure pass payments are secure.

Manage Your Pass Off

Your pass holders are important — they are the ones who buy upfront, come to all of your events, and are your biggest supporters. That's why it's important to be on top of things when it comes to keeping your pass holders happy. Ludus gives you the management tools to make that happen through reports, easy searching, in-person / over-the-phone selling tools, and more.


Easy Pass Creation

Quickly and easily set up your passes for the entire season at once. You set the pass information (name, price, description, color), select the applicable events, and you're good to go.

Cash & Check Sales

For pass holders who prefer to pay by cash or check, you have the option to insert those sales via your Ludus admin panel. Those pass holders will receive a confirmation email once you do.

Reporting Tools

All pass sales and activity are tracked in real-time. Using the Orders report, see which ticket orders are from pass holders. Or pull up a flex pass to see how many tickets are left.

Custom Confirmation Emails

Customize the confirmation email your pass holders receive after they purchase their pass(es). This can be done on a per pass basis, so you can have different info dependent on the level of pass.

Marketing Integration

Using your pass holder sales data, you can create custom Audiences via the Ludus Marketing suite. Target just those that have purchased passes based on how many or how much spent.

Pass Holder Profiles

Each pass holder will have their own patron profile showing all of their contact info, purchase history, relationships, private notes for internal use, activity, and more.

Always a human to speak with

Whether 10 minutes before your event or while setting things up, Ludus is here for you

💬 Chat

With an average response time under 3 minutes, quickly get in touch with a representative to answer your questions.

☎️ Phone

Prefer talking on the phone? When you create your Ludus account, you'll be given a dedicated support number.

📚 Resources

If you're more of a do-it-yourself person, we have self-serve resources including help articles, videos, and step-by-step guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

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