No need to break your budget

Ludus is 100% free for organizations choosing to pass fees on to their patrons
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Straightforward fees 🤝💰

No setup costs, annual fees, or hidden charges

5% + $0.75 / ticket

Passed onto your patron when they pay using a card

No ticket fees

For cash, complimentary and $0 tickets
We cover all credit card processing fees for you — Ludus sends you the full face value of your tickets so you never pay additional fees. A $10 ticket is $10 to you.
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Don't feel like doing the math?

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Be in control of your proceeds

Choose to receive your proceeds via a direct deposit to your bank account (daily, weekly, monthly) or via a paper check at the end of your event.

Regardless of the payout method you choose, there are no additional fees. Every payout comes with a reconciliation report making it easy to match up your sales with your payouts.
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No Limits, No Hidden Fees

Unlimited everything

Don't worry about hitting limits — add unlimited events, seating charts, administrative users, and more.

No minimums or maximums.

No setup fees or hidden costs.
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Straightforward Fees

A $10 ticket is $10 to you

Since we only pass fees onto patrons for credit card sales, you never have to worry about paying us. The patron pays the standard ticket fee -> we cover the credit card processing fees -> and you're always left with the full face value of your tickets. (You can also choose to absorb the fees.)

For example, on a $10 ticket, the fee is $1.25 — your patron pays $11.25, we take the $1.25 to cover card processing, and you receive the full $10.
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straight forward fees for event ticketing