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Ludus vs Theatre Manager

A quick and easy comparison guide to help you feel confident in your decision 👌
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Ludus vs Theatre Manager

4 reasons for choosing Ludus

Blazing Fast Support

Experience genuinely helpful support when you need it...

...and you probably won’t! 🤞
Tired of waiting days to hear back from your ticketing system’s customer support team? Ludus customer support is the best in the business. The goal response time for our support team is 2 minutes or less. Regardless of the size of your organization you can count on Ludus the support you deserve.

Clients have access to:
1. Live Chat
2. Phone Support
3. Help Articles
4. Videos

Ludus is dedicated to live events — many of our team members are actively involved in the performing arts. So, we know how important it is for your organization to get a response when you need it most, whether you are setting up your account for the first time or it is seconds before curtain. Know that you will have the support you need so that you can focus on what matters most: your events.

Unlock the power of blazing-fast support by giving Ludus a try. Discover firsthand why our customer support team has customers transforming into advocates.
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Lower Fees

Say goodbye to complicated fee structures and hello to transparent low pricing

If you choose to use Ludus’s a la carte Marketing, Classes, or Embed Widget, it is an additional $0.05 per premium feature added to your Ludus base fee. Even then, Ludus’s fees are still much lower.

Ludus charges no fees on cash, comp, or $0 tickets. Never worry about post-show deductions again!

We also offer free seating chart creation/revisions and 100% chargeback protection.

Most importantly: no lock-in contracts — our product and customer support stands on its own, so we never have felt the need to lock people in to using Ludus. (If your organization or district requires a ticketing service agreement, we do have those available to be signed, but they are no lock-in agreements).
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Modern Box Office

A modern and innovative platform to make life easier

Implement a system that is people-focused and committed to providing users with the best experience.
Ludus was built from the ground up for a director who needed an easier way to manage their ticketing, marketing, and fundraising needs. That means Ludus thinks like a director and box office manager.

With the changing landscape, Ludus has worked diligently to keep up with industry trends so ticket sales, donations, and collections will not stop as technology advances. One example is that we offer our state-of-the-art credit card readers that will comply with the upcoming changes in credit card security in 2024.

We also understand that every patron is different. Whether a guest would like physical tickets mailed to their house or uploaded to their Apple Wallet, we make sure they have the experience they need to ultimately enjoy your organization's offerings.

Ignite momentum with Ludus! Schedule a demo today and witness firsthand how upgrading to Ludus can revolutionize your operations.
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Powerful Easy-To-Use Tools

Simple to use and flexible self-serve tools

From drag and drop features to a super snappy seating chart, you’re in control.
For example, the seating chart tool comes with every Ludus account. You can easily design any venue with a drag-and-drop format or, the Ludus Customer Support Team can give you a hand. One can create cabaret seating, multiple venues, color-coded seating… anything you can think of!

Have a show with both general admission and reserved seating? Need the ability to set tiered pricing? Planning to sell tickets online and in person? All of these aspects and more are easily accessible for each of our clients to edit on their own or, we can edit it for you — free of charge.

When setting prices with Ludus, it’s as easy as these steps:
1. Select ticket price
2. Enter the price name
3. Select the accessibility
4. Add the ticket price

Experience all of the self-service capabilities Ludus offers by contacting our team to set up a personalized product tour.

Make life easier for you and your patrons

Get started with Ludus today — for free!

Explore and discover

Take a look at our core features and learn how Ludus can fit your needs:

The best way to sell tickets online and in person. Meet your patrons where they are with fast and flexible ticketing.

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Stay in touch with your patrons through beautiful emails and targeted audiences.

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Go beyond ticketing. Start collecting payments and registrations for anything.

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Collect one-off and recurring donations, launch Fundraising pages, automate thank you's, & more.

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Turn your patrons into lifelong members with deeply customized memberships and passes.

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Collect student registrations seamlessly with our tailor-made class management system.

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Volunteer Management

Engage your community and save time through easy online volunteer sign ups and hour tracking.

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Broadcast live streams, pre-recorded videos, and other linkable events all within one platform.

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Use meaningful, real-time reports to understand sales and grow your organization.

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