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Ludus is an intuitive product that is easy to learn and implement. They are forward thinking and always finding new ways to improve, even in a global pandemic. On top of it all, their customer service is second to none. I would strongly recommend Ludus to any school or arts organization.
Josh H. (Teacher/Director)
Capterra Review

Simple Yet Powerful Ticketing

A Great Experience From the Beginning

When your patrons purchase tickets online they shouldn't have to go through a ton of steps, create accounts they'll forget the password to, and test their technical know-how to pick a seat. We built Ludus for a modern world with a flexible buying experience allowing for fast ticket buying on desktop or mobile.


Customized Ticketing Page

Choose your own unique domain, select custom colors to match your organization, and even build a landing page with graphics & videos with our drag-and-drop editor.

Embeddable or Shareable

Using our Embed Widget, allow patrons to purchase tickets on your own website without ever being redirected to Ludus. Or you can share a direct custom link to your Ludus ticketing page.

Password-Less Buying

Patrons forget passwords — all the time. Make life easier with Ludus's password-less buying experience allowing patrons to buy without ever creating an account.


Most ticket sales occur on a mobile device, so we optimized patron buying pages to work across all screen sizes to create a seamless experience across desktop and mobile.

Access Control & Limits

Manage who can purchase tickets using our Access Codes feature allowing you to passcode protect your event. Also set patron purchase limits and capacity restrictions.

Integrated Donations

Allow patrons to donate at checkout when buying tickets or any time via the "Donate" tab on your Ludus page. Setup donation categories so patrons can choose where their donation is going.

Flex & Season Passes

Give your members a wonderful VIP experience using the Passes feature. Members can receive a code to use throughout the season or pre-select tickets for your entire season.


Sell additional items alongside your tickets. An item can be things like T-Shirts, candy grams, flowers, VIP wristbands, and basically anything you can think of.

Meal Options

Dinner events are a breeze with Ludus allowing your patrons to select their meal options (paying extra for the pricier options) and provide info such as dietary restrictions or allergies.

Discounts & Promos

Early bird discounts, % off promo codes, flat amount discounts, bulk discounts, BOGO — you name it — Ludus's powerful discount feature can make your promotions easy.

Gift Cards

Collect more money up front and allow the timeless gift of a Gift Card to your organization. Gift Cards can be redeemed online or in-person at your box office.

Custom Forms

Using our drag-and-drop Forms feature, gather all the information you need from your patrons. Set form requirements before an order can be placed and see all form submissions in one report.

Automation Triggers

Save time and automate event sales to turn on and off at specific times. Set pricing triggers to automatically turn specific ticket prices on/off based on date or linked price changes.

Social Distance Seating

Set your COVID social distancing parameters and our automated tool, Seat Buffering, will automatically mark seats off around groups in real-time as patrons select their seats.

Arrival Times

Control the flow of patrons and reduce lobby crowding with our smart tool, Arrival Times. Patrons select their Arrival Time when buying tickets which will print on their tickets.

Reserved Seating

Using our drag-and-drop seating chart maker, create multiple layouts for your venue with standard sections/rows or tables. Don't have time? Our team will build your chart free-of-charge.


Have patrons confirm policies and agreements before they purchase their tickets. Policies will also stay posted on your ticketing page to be accessible at all times.

Print-at-Home, SMS, and Apple Wallet

Patrons are offered multiple ticket retrieval options upon checkout including print-at-home, SMS, digital email, and "Add to Apple Wallet".

Tickets in the Mail by Ludus

Want to offer thermal tickets but don't want to handle the printing and mailing? Give your patrons the option to pay an extra $3.50 and Ludus will print + mail thermal tickets to your patrons.

Coming Soon Mode

List your events publicly but keep sales turned off using "Coming Soon" mode. Give early access to Pass Holders and use Triggers to automatically turn sales on at a specific time.

Security Compliance

Ludus is fully PCI compliant, undergoing annual security reviews, running quarterly ASV scans, and utilizing a Level 1 payment processor. Patron payment data is never stored.

Quick, Easy, and Simple Point-of-Sale

Our selling tools were designed to speed up box office lines while being the easiest to use for all box office personnel to learn in no time, whether they are seasoned ticketing system users or new volunteers. All selling tools can be accessed via a web browser for quick access anywhere.


Web-based selling tools

Forget worrying about if your computer is compatible to sell tickets. With Ludus, there are no software downloads to sell tickets — everything is web-based and can be accessed via any modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.)

Printer-less solutions

Quickly send patrons their tickets via SMS simply but typing in their phone number and hitting send. They’ll immediately receive a text with their tickets for showing on their mobile device or adding to their Apple Wallet.

Ticket printing

While the “trends” show everything is going digital, we get that many people still prefer a hard copy ticket in their hands. Easily print to basic 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper or print thermal tickets via your Boca / other thermal printer.

Ticket verification & scanning

Using the free Ludus Access Control app for iOS and Android, scan QR codes on tickets whether they’re printed or digital using your device’s camera. Or manually check patrons in via check-in lists.

Payment Solutions

Process card, cash, and check sales in-person. Via the Ludus Terminal, easily swipe/tap/insert cards or accept Apple Pay or Google Pay seamlessly. We also support USB card swipers.

Will Call

Providing a Will Call option to your patrons doesn't mean a bunch of more work for your box office. Quickly select all and print Will Call tickets by order ready to hand out before your event.

Fast checkout process

Selling tickets in-person needs to be fast moving your lines along. We built our in-person selling tools based on real-world experience as we were running sales at our own box office.

Multiple user logins

Don't share user logins with your team — each person can have their own login with different privilege levels (full, seller, or viewer). Keep track of user activity and reconcile in-person sales by user.

Supplies Shop

Buy hardware and thermal ticket stock direct from Ludus. We sell our Payment Terminal, USB card swiper, and thermal ticket stock via the Supplies Shop right in your account.

Fast and Simple Ticket Management

Managing tickets and patron requests needs to be quick so you can stay focused on your events. Ludus has built-in tools allowing you to manage everything from refunds/exchanges to resending confirmation emails and everything in between to offer the best patron and administrative support possible.


All-in-One Dashboard

Everything you need to manage your ticket sales can be found in one place. Quickly look up ticket orders, add notes for internal use, generate reports, track patron activity, and so much more.

Seat Holds & Reservations

Need to hold/reserve seats from public sale? Using the Reservations tool, simply block off seats from public sale and add names to your reservations for future sales (if applicable).

Seating Chart Maker

Use our drag-and-drop seating chart maker to create multiple variations of your spaces, take seats out or open rows on the fly, and add labels to your map to help patrons when selecting seats.

Exchanges & Refunds

Exchanging and refunding tickets is a breeze. Exchanges work in real-time, automatically updating your charts, reports, and sends an email to your patrons with a link to their new tickets.

Releases & Donated Tickets

"I have an extra ticket you can sell to someone else" is an easy situation. Easily release the ticket back into the system and even mark the ticket as a donation if desired.

Upgrade & Downgrade

When tickets need to be upgraded or downgraded, simply to do so and we'll automatically collect or refund the difference in price.


As soon as a sale is made, a donation is collected, or a Marketing email is sent out, your reports will update in real-time so you're always on top of everything from reconciliation to activity tracking.


Have poor internet at the box office? Don't have a way to print on-demand after a sale? No worries! Ludus built Printables to help groups and organizations with limited technology.

Ludus Protect

Allow your patrons to pay extra to protect their purchase and receive a 100% of their money back if they're unable to make it to due to a number of reasons. Your group keeps 100%.

Copy Events

Have similar events and setups over and over? Use the Copy function to quickly copy your events to easily keep the same settings event-to-event.


When it comes to managing ticket sales, everything is self-serve so you can quickly get what you need to get done and move on to the next task.

Always a human to speak with

Whether 10 minutes before your event or while setting things up, Ludus is here for you

💬 Chat

With an average response time under 3 minutes, quickly get in touch with a representative to answer your questions.

☎️ Phone

Prefer talking on the phone? When you create your Ludus account, you'll be given a dedicated support number.

📚 Resources

If you're more of a do-it-yourself person, we have self-serve resources including help articles, videos, and step-by-step guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

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