Easily manage class registrations and payments

I know I've said this in the past, but I just have to say it again....Ludus is incredible. Thank you for creating such a user-friendly and professional-looking/operating system. I love it. It's a lot of fun to use!
Ken S. (Permian High School)

Easy Class Sign Ups and Management

A Seamless Registration Process

Whether you have adult students registering themselves or parents registering their children, the class sign up and payment process is easy, straightforward, and seamless. All can be done via the web on desktop or mobile through our mobile-optimized registration pages.


Class Fees

Enter as many class fees of various levels as needed with different functionality attached to each fee (such as custom required info, limits, availability dates, etc.).

Custom Forms & Information

Using our drag-and-drop Forms feature, gather all the information you need from your registrants. Set form requirements before an order can be placed and see all form submissions in one report.

Student (Under 18) Handling

Allow parents/guardians to register their children and enter required information like DOB, allergies, photo permission, and more. Students will have their own profile with info saved year-after-year.

Secure Parent Authentication

Each student is attached to a parent / guardian's patron profile — when those patrons return to register their students for another class, we'll auto-verify them via SMS for quick form entry.

Sign Up Slots & Capacity

Create multiple class times and set the capacity — once capacity is reached, the class slot will appear as "Full". See which classes are filling up and override capacity on a per time basis if needed.

Cash & Check Orders

Via your Ludus admin panel, you can using the "New Order" button to manually input registrations for those who wish to pay by cash or check. All will be tracked via reports.

Embeddable or Shareable

Using our Embed Widget, allow patrons to register on your own website without ever being redirected to Ludus. Or you can share a direct custom link to your Ludus page.


Sell additional items alongside your class registrations. An item can be something like a T-Shirt, candy gram, DVD recording, and basically anything you can think of.

Discounts & Promos

Early bird discounts, % off promo codes, flat amount discounts, bulk discounts, BOGO — you name it — Ludus's powerful discount feature can make your promotions easy.

Combined Carts

At a single time you may event ticket sales, class registrations, and more on your Ludus page. With our combined carts, patrons can add multiple events and classes to their cart in one go.


Most ordering nowadays occur on a mobile device, so we optimized buying pages to work across all screen sizes to create a seamless experience across desktop and mobile.

Keep the Focus On Your Classes

Managing Classes means you're juggling a lot — you don't have time to click through tons of steps to create Classes and lookup attendee information. That's why we took the power and ease of our event ticketing system and used the same great ideas to make managing Classes a breeze.


Simple Class Creation

Easily create your Classes through our step-by-step creation process. Set up your class times, fees/prices with various settings, attach files for attendees to download after payment, and so much more.

Custom Confirmation Emails

After an attendee registers, they'll receive a confirmation email confirming their registration. You have the ability to add custom information in the confirmation email such as policies, drop-off or parking instructions, etc.

Mass Messaging

When you need to contact all attendees at once, using the Messages feature. You can send to all attendees for an entire class or just to specific class times. Include formatted text, graphics, and links.

Class Roster Sheets

Print your class rosters as a table view or one-sheet-per-attendee with all of their information. For under 18 students, we'll include allergies, emergency contacts, and other important info.

Student Database

When parents/guardians register their children, each child will be added to a separate Students database. A student will have a profile with all of their info and connected parents/guardians.

Parent/Student Relationships

Each student is connected to a patron profile that would belong to a parent/guardian. You'll be able to see these relationships and lookup contact information for an under 18 student.

Automation Triggers

Save time and automate Class registrations to turn on and off at specific times. Set fee triggers to automatically turn ticket fees on/off based on date or linked price changes.


Post Notices to your registration pages as attendees register. Include things such as policies, good-to-knows, and other information you want people to know before they register.

Exchanges & Refunds

Exchanging and refunding tickets is a breeze. Exchanges work in real-time, automatically updating your charts, reports, and sends an email to your patrons with a link to their new tickets.

Real-Time Reports

As soon as someone registers for a class, your reports will update in real-time. This includes financials, order lists (like a spreadsheet in your browser), and other powerful reports.

Always a human to speak with

Whether 10 minutes before your event or while setting things up, Ludus is here for you

💬 Chat

With an average response time under 3 minutes, quickly get in touch with a representative to answer your questions.

☎️ Phone

Prefer talking on the phone? When you create your Ludus account, you'll be given a dedicated support number.

📚 Resources

If you're more of a do-it-yourself person, we have self-serve resources including help articles, videos, and step-by-step guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

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