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We are a small rural school district. We can't afford super expensive ticketing systems. Ludus's user experience is unmatched and provides top-notch services for the least amount of monetary investment possible.
Kylie S. (Director)
Capterra Review

Fundraising That Works For Your Organization

Collect Donations At Any Time

Donations are an important part of growing your organization. With Ludus, patrons can make donations at checkout when buying tickets or any time via the "Donate" tab on your Ludus page (even when you don't have events going on). We make it easy for your patrons to donate with additional options like recurring donations and categories to help you filter donations.


One-Off Donations

Donors can choose to make donations at checkout when buying tickets or they can make donations at any time via your Donate tab.

Recurring Donations

When donors make one-off donations, they opt to make those donations into monthly or annual recurring donations. We'll automatically charge them and send them a receipt each time.

Donation Categories

Simply categorize your donations into different categories that fit your group/organization. When patrons donate, they'll be required to select one your categories.

Donor Levels

Encourage donations and automatically donations based on donation amount. Customize confirmations based on amount, notify admins when certain levels are reached, and more.

Personal or Corporate

Enable the ability for donors to choose between "Personal" or "Corporate" donations. Merge in with Levels to allow different giving levels based on the donor type.

Credit, Cash, & Check

When donors donate online, they'll pay by card. If a donor gives you cash or check, you can manually enter those donations via the Donations screen in your Ludus admin panel.

Import Donation History

Don't want to lose donation history? Once we import your patrons, you can import a spreadsheet of all donations automatically dated and attached to donor profiles.

Security Compliance

Ludus is fully PCI compliant, undergoing annual security reviews and running quarterly ASV scans while utilizing a Level 1 payment processor to ensure donation payments are secure.

Fundraise Your Heart Out

With Fundraisers, you're able to create specific Fundraisers for anything like raising money for renovations, trips, covering student fees, and more. Set a goal, add in custom content, and receive a direct share link for sharing via Marketing efforts and on social media.


Direct Shareable Pages

Each Fundraisers comes with its own shareable page so you can direct donors to your Fundraiser via email or on social media.

Goals & Deadlines

Set a specific fundraising goal and a deadline for your Fundraiser. Your Fundraiser will have a progress bar showing how close you are to hitting your goal to encourage donations.


A fun component of Fundraisers is the ability to keep your donors up-to-date on your progress during or after your Fundraiser closes. Send mass updates via email and post to your page.

Donor Comments

When donors make a donation to your Fundraiser, they are able to leave a comment for you and the public to see. These comments will be added to your Fundraiser's "Comments" wall.

Text, Graphics, & Videos

Spice up your Fundraiser's page with custom text, graphics, embeddable videos, hyperlinks, and more. This allows you to really tell your story and encourage people to donate.

Donor Matching

Donors are automatically added to your donor wall (they can remain anonymous if they'd like). Each donation comes with a "Match" button so others can match or beat those donations.

Easily Manage Your Fundraising Efforts

Fundraising and donations can come with a lot of work — if you use Ludus for your Fundraising efforts, we can make things much easier for you, your organization, and donors. Quickly generate reports, see who your top donors are, and automate thank you's and confirmations upon donation.


Manually Record Donations

If a donor mails you a check or gives you cash in person, you can easily record those donations via your Ludus panel's "Donations" screen.

Meaningful Reports

Each donation comes with data such as donor name, email, address, phone number, category, level, and more. This allows you to track donations from an informational and financial perspective.

Donor Level Automation

With Donor Levels, you can automatically label donations as certain Levels (such as "Gold Supporter", "Silver Supporter", etc.). Auto notify admins and customize receipts based on Level.

Categorize Donations

Simply categorize your donations into different categories that fit your group/organization. When patrons donate, they'll be required to select one your categories.

Custom Email Confirmations

Each donation comes with a confirmation email / receipt. You can customize this email with your 501(c)(3) information and a custom thank you included at the top of the receipt.

Corporate Donations

When dealing with personal and corporate donations, we have a way to allow donors to choose between the two types so you can easily see what types of donors you have.

Donor History

All donations are attached to patron / donor profiles so you can see their donation history. That data can then be used for targeting patrons via custom Audiences in Marketing.

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Prefer talking on the phone? When you create your Ludus account, you'll be given a dedicated support number.

📚 Resources

If you're more of a do-it-yourself person, we have self-serve resources including help articles, videos, and step-by-step guides.

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