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Join our customer support team

At Ludus we strive for best in class customer support. We offer around the clock aid to our loyal customers. We are always looking to add to our dynamic team of customer support specialists.

🎯 What we are looking for

1. Proficiency in customer service: Strong communication skills and the ability to provide excellent support to users.
2. Familiarity with Ludus platform: Experience using Ludus or a similar online ticketing platform, understanding its features, functionalities, and troubleshooting processes.
3. Technical aptitude: Comfortable navigating digital platforms and troubleshooting technical issues that users may encounter.
4. Problem-solving skills: Ability to analyze customer inquiries, identify root causes of issues, and provide effective solutions in a timely manner.
5. Empathy and patience: Demonstrating empathy towards customers' concerns and maintaining a patient demeanor, especially in challenging situations.
6. Flexibility and adaptability: Ability to work in a dynamic environment, quickly adapt to changes, and learn new processes or features as the platform evolves.
7. Team collaboration: Willingness to collaborate with colleagues to share knowledge, best practices, and contribute to the overall success of the customer support team.
8. Box Office Experience: Knowledge of box office software and operations goes a long way in this role as you’ll be able to speak the language of our customers

Shifts & Scheduling

Our customer guarantee is “Always a human there for you when it matters” — for us, that is always having live customer support available 9am-10pm ET through a shift-based approach.
💻  Remote
Our CS team is 100% U.S.-remote! This means you can live anywhere in the United States and be a member of our CS team!
📆  Weekends
Whether you’re hoping to make Ludus CS a side job, or you have a schedule where you’d rather take weekdays off, we are looking for teammates to help support us on the weekends!
🌙  Late Nights
We are always looking to fill slots from 2-10pm ET, which may work better for our teammates on the West Coast (11am-7pm PT), or people that have day jobs and are looking for a side job!
⌛️ Overtime
We offer overtime opportunities for teammates looking to work extra hours and bring in some extra money. We pay time-and-a-half for overtime.
💰 Competitive Pay & Benefits
We aim to pay above average customer support wages along with full health benefits (medical, dental, vision) 401k contributions, and other perks.
🕙 Part Time
If you aren’t looking for a full-time commitment, but want rewarding and consistent work that pays well and aligns with your schedule, look no further! Our evening and weekend shifts work especially well for part-time teammates!

Customer Support at Ludus

Customer Support at Ludus

“Every day brings new challenges and opportunities to make a real impact on the thousands of organizations that choose Ludus. If you’re passionate about solving problems and enthusiastic about delivering exceptional service, we’d love to have you on the team!”

Jacquie Shannon | Customer Support Manager, Ludus

Grow at Ludus

We are firm believers that you can make a career out of your customer support talents, and we want to be a part of your journey! If you’re just looking for a job and want to always be hourly customer support, we absolutely support that.

For those looking to level up over time, we love to develop our employees and give them opportunities to try new roles.

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