Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you offer reserved seating, general admission, or a mix?

Yes! With Ludus you can do all three. When setting up your event, you distinguish whether you'd like to offer reserved seating (with your own custom seating chart), general admission, or both.

Can patrons select their own seats to reserved seating events?

Absolutely! Patrons choose their ticket type and specific seats from your seating chart for reserved seating events.

Can I hold / reserve seats?

Yes! Using the Reservations tool, you can reserve / hold / block off seats for specific people or groups without selling them right away. Here’s an article & video to show you how it works!

How are tickets sold?

There are two sides to your ticketing portal: the admin side which allows you customize your portal, manage ticket sales, and sell tickets (serving as your box office). The patron side allows patrons to go online and purchase tickets online, prior to your event. Here’s a video that shows you the different sides.

Can I accept donations through Ludus?

Absolutely! When this feature is turned on, patrons are able to make donations to your program when purchasing tickets or admins can collect donations through the Donations tab via their Ludus admin panel. Here’s an article that shows you how donations work.

Am I able to handle refunds / exchanges?

Yes! Within your Ludus admin panel, you're able to easily refund / exchange / release any ticket or order necessary, according to your refund & exchange policy. Here are some articles that show you how refunds & exchanges work.

Can I do cash and credit sales?

Yes! Through your Ludus admin panel, admins are able to process cash, credit, or comp sales. On the patron side, they are only able to use a card, ensuring tickets are always paid for.

Can I sell additional items besides tickets?

Yes! Using our Add-Ons feature, you can sell additional non-ticketed items alongside tickets. We've seen programs sell posters, socks, DVDs, pies, and more. It's a great way to bring in additional income for your event!

Is there a social distancing feature?

Yes! For reserved seating events, you can create an automatic seat buffer between groups without having to permanently alter your seating chart. Ludus will smartly space out groups using socially distant seats that are marked as patrons buy tickets.

Does Ludus offer a streaming feature for virtual events?

Yes! Our AnywhereSeat product allows you to sell tickets to live streams, pre-recorded videos, and other online events like a Zoom.

For live streams, we'll help you stream your event directly into AnywhereSeat. For pre-recorded videos, you simply upload your event's video to AnywhereSeat. For other online events like a Zoom event, you simply provide the meeting link and we'll automatically redirect your patrons.

If you'll be doing a hybrid event (part in-person, part virtual), you can connect your Ludus Tickets and AnywhereSeat sales so patrons have the option to choose between in-person or virtual tickets.

Does Ludus have marketing tools?

Yes! We have a full marketing suite including a drag-and-drop email designer, audience lists to target specific patrons, analytics, scheduling, and more. Learn more about Marketing


Is there a set up fee?

Nope! There are no setup fees, contracts, or commitments.

How long does it take to set up?

Not long at all! All you have to do is click the Start Selling Tickets button and it'll walk you through setting things up. You won't have to wait on us to do anything (of course, we're here if you need help).

How many admins can I have? Are there different privilege levels?

As many as you need! There are three different privilege levels: full admin (full privileges to all features & options), seller (can only sell tickets) and viewer (can only view ticket sales and info).

Do I have to have a printer?

Not necessarily! If you do want to print tickets, a normal printer with 8.5” x 11” sheets of paper will do. We’re also able to integrate with thermal printers. You can also choose to go entirely paperless utilizing our digital tickets and/or patron lists.

Does my box office have to have internet access?

Though Ludus is a cloud-based ticketing program, there are ways to operate your box office offline by utilizing printed patron sheets, blank tickets, and a printed version of your seating chart. Here’s an article with steps to walk you through this!

Am I able to open ticket sales at a specific time?

Absolutely! You have the ability to turn public sales on / off whenever you’re ready to open / close sales. This can be done for an entire event or individual event times.

Can Ludus handle a large influx of patrons?

Yes, we have a few measures in place to help with large influxes of patrons including live seating charts (if you’re doing reserved seating) and a virtual queue tool we can turn on to help with traffic flow. We also utilize a flexible web server that allows us to upgrade processing power in the click of the button if needed.

Selling Tickets

How do patrons receive their tickets?

Patrons have the ability to print their tickets at home, have them digitally sent to their mobile device (SMS, Apple Wallet, or email), or mark them for Will Call pickup. Each of these options can be turned off / on at your discretion! Here’s an article that shows you how this works.

What if a patron loses their ticket?

To retrieve a lost ticket, simply search the patrons name within your Ludus admin panel.

How do we handle in-person sales at the door?

With Ludus, there are two sides to your ticketing portal: the patron side and the admin side. The patron side is where your patrons can purchase tickets online themselves. The admin side is where you can manage ticket sales and sell tickets for in-person sales using our selling tools.

Can we use scanner guns?

Absolutely! Simply notify our team and we can turn this feature on.

Do we have to use scanners?

Nope! We offer the Ludus Access Control app for iOS or Android, allowing you to check tickets in using your phone. Or you can simply choose to check each ticket by hand without scanning. We also offer printable patron sheets.

Promotions and Discounts

Can I offer season passes with Ludus?

Yes! Through the Passes feature, you’re able to offer special packages to patrons that can be sold through your Ludus admin panel or self-purchased on the patron side. Here’s an article that walks you through the Passes feature.

Can I set up discounts?

Absolutely! Using discounts, you’re able to offer flat dollar discounts, percentage off discounts, or bulk discounts. Here are some articles that go into more detail for flat dollar, percentage off, and bulk discounts.

Am I able to comp tickets?

Yes! When processing an order through your Ludus admin panel, you’re able to comp an order when selecting a payment method. Here’s an article that shows you how this works!

Can I sell advertising to print on the tickets?

Sure! Simply send the ad(s) to our team and we’ll get them added to your tickets.

Am I able to offer pre-sale tickets?

Absolutely! By utilizing passcodes, you’re able to offer pre-sale access to patrons with the special code. Here’s an article showing you how.

Can students get credit for sales they help make?

Yes! This can be done utilizing the Student ledgers feature. Each student gets their own unique code they can handout to friends and family that can be entered during checkout. Here’s an article with more detail.


What are the fees for using Ludus?

Ludus is 100% free to your program. We pass a 5% + $0.75 / ticket convenience fee onto patrons when they pay using a credit card. Cash, comp, and $0 tickets have no fees. (Note, it is possible to absorb the fees rather than passing them on to your patrons.) Most importantly, there are no setup fees, annual costs, or hidden fees. Here’s an article with more info on our fees!

When / how can I receive my proceeds?

There are 2 ways to receive your proceeds - via paper checks (sent at the end of your event) or direct deposits (sent daily, weekly or monthly). There are no holds or delays on receiving your funds. Here’s an article explaining your proceeds options.

How can I track my revenue and other data?

Through the Reports feature, you have the power to dig deep into your revenue and sales data. Here’s an article that goes into a bit more detail.


Is your website secure?

Yes! For web security, all Ludus ticketing portals are SSL secured. For payment security, Ludus has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to be PCI compliant. We also utilize a Level 1 PCI certified payment processor to ensure the utmost security for cardholder data.

Is patron information confidential?

Of course! Through our secure database, we store basic patron information such as names and emails so you can access this info whenever. Credit card information is never stored and is forgotten as soon as it’s processed.

Who can access reports & data?

It's up to you who can have access to your reports and data. You have the ability to add / remove admin accounts under the Users management tool in your admin dashboard.

Customer Support

Can I contact you with questions?

Absolutely! Reach us through the green chat widget found on all pages within Ludus, email support [at], or find our phone number on the Contact Us page within your Ludus admin panel.

What kind of support does Ludus provide?

At Ludus, we pride ourselves in the quality of customer support we offer. You can find step-by-step guides, video tutorials, help articles, or quick responses through our chat widget or phone calls.

Does Ludus charge for customer support?

No! All customer support is complimentary, offered as yet another great benefit to using Ludus. We'll help you get the most out of Ludus and will never charge you for help. Whether it's via chat, email, or a phone call, we'll be here for you.


Who can use Ludus?

We work with many types of organizations and groups of all sizes including K-12 (theatre, choir, band, orchestra, dance), colleges, universities, community theatres, ballet companies, music venues, non-profits, and entire performing arts centers. We don't limit who can use Ludus, so we welcome all organizations and groups.