Tools to help you host safe, socially distanced events

Socially distance your patrons

Using our Seat Buffering tool, automatically block seats off for social distancing as patrons buy tickets based on spacing parameters set by you. Ludus will create a bubble around each group separating them from other groups.

Control the flow of patrons

Reduce lobby crowding and control the flow of patrons with Arrival Times. After using our wizard or manually creating time slots based on your seating capacity, your patrons will be asked to select their arrival time when buying tickets.

Easily set capacity limits

Ensure you don't oversell your auditorium and run into the awkward situation of going over capacity per your state's and organizations restrictions by setting a capacity limit. A performance will be "Sold Out" once capacity is hit so you're always compliant.

Post policies and agreements

Have your patrons confirm policies and agreements before they purchase their tickets. Use and edit our pre-written policies such as the "COVID-19 Social Contract" so your patrons fully understand your rules.

Get our free Safety Checklist

We put together a todo list to ensure you're on top of things when it comes to hosting a safe, socially distant event based on guidelines from the Event and Safety Alliance. Download, edit, use, and share our free Safety Checklist (no account required).

Exceptional. Customer service is always on top of things and extremely helpful. The team is always working to stay current with the needs of the times we are living in - for example, developing a way to socially distance seats as tickets sell. Overall, I have consistently been impressed with this product, team, and innovation. Not once have I ever thought twice about using Ludus.
Amy J. (Teacher/Director)
Capterra Review